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Development of HIV Test Kit Evaluations Framework in Viet Nam
Between January and March 2011 , NRL assisted the Ministry of Health, Viet Nam (MoH) to design a system for HIV test
kit evaluations that is appropriate for its country. This work, supported by the WHO office in Viet Nam, was a second
consultation in the development of the Evaluations framework, the first of which was conducted at NRL in August 2010 for
senior Vietnamese MoH and laboratory personnel.
Following the first consultation, the participants were tasked with the development and documentation of the HIV test kit
evaluation system for Viet Nam. Four documents were drafted that covered:
National guidelines for HIV testing;
Criteria for different levels of laboratories testing for HIV in Viet Nam;
Process of HIV test kit evaluation; and
Development of a national sample bank.
During the second consultation, NRL reviewed the documents that had been prepared and made comments and
recommendations. To complete the consultation, Sue Best, NRL’s Director, visited Viet Nam between 21 and 25 February to
participate in the technical working group (TWG) meeting that sought to finalise the documents before release through the MoH.
It was a pleasure for Sue to participate in the TWG meeting. The Vietnamese participants entered into robust
discussions with each other to come to agreement on aspects of the proposed framework that were unclear. Through
an interpreter, Sue participated in these discussions and offered advice as necessary. The most satisfying aspect of
the meeting was that all the documents reached the final draft stage and will now be circulated to other stakeholders
in Viet Nam for comment. The Vietnamese participants are to be congratulated on their commitment to this process.